Wednesday 20th February 2019


"A professional association for the promotion of aviation safety, and instructional standards and welfare."

Welcome from Greg White, President

This is the official Website of the Greater Houston Association of Flight Instructors. On this site we will post news and commentary on the Association and its activities, the Flight Instructor Renewal Clinic (FIRC) programs and venues, and downloadable copies of some of the FIRC presentations for educational use. This site is updated monthly. Suggestions and site links to other similar sites are welcome. Questions and comments may be directed to me via e-mail.

History & Purpose

The Greater Houston Association of Flight Instructors grew out of the efforts of a small group of Designated Examiners, who in 1981 initiated a series of Safety Seminars aimed at flight instructor professional development. As a result of this initiative the Association was formally organized in 1982 for the purposes of professional, educational, and aviation safety purposes, including:

  • Promotion of aviation and aviation safety
  • Instructor education and standardization
  • Instructor status and welfare
  • Communication with other aviation interests

Functions & Benefits

Today, the most visible effort of the Association is the Flight Instructor Renewal Clinics (FIRCs). Operated under a formal agreement with the FAA, the clinics were started about fifteen years ago and are conducted once every quarter. They are held at north, south, east, and west locations around Houston, Texas and are open to pilots and flight instructors.

Member flight instructors attending 24 hours of clinics are eligible for certificate renewal based on attendance. The clinics also provide an educational opportunity for pilots of any certificate level, and a forum for the discussion of local pilot operations and issues.